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She was walking a dog in the field adjacent to where the jogging trail passed by the playground. She was still a fox and her body was still fine, just like it was back when we used to be a couple. I just got back from Alaska a couple of weeks ago; I was there for six months. “Well, if it isn’t the sparkling wit of Franklin High! I mentioned once that it puzzled me that when I had taken her classes in high school she was always warm and friendly toward me, but when I was dating Helen she seemed cold and aloof.

Her name was Helen and she had been one of the prettier girls in my high school. She and my father split up a couple years ago, but she’s doing fine, just hates men nowadays. I’m staying with Mom for a few weeks now, and then I’m off to South America! She admitted I was right and that it was her problem, not mine.

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She said to call the next day and I promised I would. ” I gave her the brief update and then she told me that Helen was out but they wanted to invite me over for a cookout by the pool. I spread her usual weekly mileage throughout the weekdays, and added a long run for each weekend, increasing the distance gradually week-to-week, to get her prepared for a big race in November. At this point it was the end of July, so I mapped out a 15 week plan peaking with runs of 20, 20 and 21 miles in weeks 11, 12 and 13. Our ritual soon became we would run together, all the while talking about just about anything that popped into our minds, then after the run a jump in her pool, then often she would make us lunch. I could say almost anything to her, no matter how esoteric or how ‘out there’ it would seem, and she would follow and be right there with me.

Early American sandwiches National Sandwich Day National Sandwich Day Contest National Sandwich Month National Sandwich Month Contest sandwich bread sliced bread breadless sandwiches? This Englishman was said to have been fond of gambling.

The primary difference between early English and American sandwiches? There is no doubt, however, that the Earl of Sandwich made this type of light repast popular among England's gentry, and in this way, his title has been associated with the sandwich ever since.

In England beef was the meat of choice; in America it was ham. The concept is supremely simple: delicate finger food is served between two slices of bread in a culinary practice of ancient origins among the Greeks and other Mediterranean peoples.

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RUNNING INTO TROUBLE I was out for a hot Saturday afternoon run in July when I saw her. I go to work at places where there are severe nurse shortages, get paid well and get to see the world. ---- When I called the next day Connie answered the phone. As two people running many miles together, side by side, we covered many topics of conversation. And the same went for her, wherever her conversation went, whatever tangents she went off on, I was there.She went to a different school to get her nursing degree so we ended up going our separate ways. ” I asked as I coasted to a stop a few feet away from her. She told me also that she wondered if something might happen between Helen and me while she was home.We were by this time in our mid-twenties, and it had been over five years since I’d seen her. The dog leaped toward me but she yanked back on the leash. I figured if Helen wanted her to know about our last night together she could tell Connie herself.In the spring of our senior year Helen and I acted in a school play together and we hit it off. And not too well trained, I’m afraid.” “Is she your dog? I guess she was still in her thirties then, with a slim athletic body, tight ass, firm titties and a beautiful smile. As we became more and more comfortable with each other, I looked more and more forward to our workouts. She mentioned Helen’s same-sex relationships (plural! I only knew about the one with Geri) and how that took some getting used to at first.I found her very easy to talk to with a great sense of humor. We dated the last several months of our senior year and through our first year of college. ” We shared a brief, sweaty hug and the dog was jumping up almost to my shoulders. Most of the boys in school thought she was hot, and they all fantasized about her, and that helped make Helen seem hands-off to many of them. She said she didn’t think Helen was gay, just open to things, and when a bunch of nurses went to school together, things could happen.Often Hader can be seen suppressing fits of laughter (known as breaking), as some of the more outlandish descriptions are new to him.


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