Gay dating tips second date

This will confirm to your date that you’re enjoying yourself and that you’re interested in them.Cons: Asking someone for a second date before you’ve even finished your first date can look too full on and might intimidate your date if they’re still trying to work if they like you.If you’ve done a bit of bragging, inventing or boasting to seem like a bigger catch, well more fool you, but it needn’t mean you can’t pull back from it.Daters aren’t stupid, though – we can tell a bull-shitter from twenty paces (make it ten if sober).Nearly everyone is a nervous mess on their first date, so it's really not a fair representation of who people are; the other person should realize this too.To avoid a repeat of a bad first date, you need to use the information about what you did wrong or what went wrong in general to avoid making the same mistakes.

Try something different and make sure your date would have a good time with you.

I mean, y’know, you’re going to have to keep this casual as it’s date 1 and all, but if you just drop a few suggestions, he might remember you when he thinks about his plans for the weekend. Leave the heavier stuff like family travails, politics (I’m not saying be shallow but gloss over any potential political differences which may cause conflict), work woes and all that stuff to dates 3 and 4, when you’ve already charmed the pants off them.

Then, when he’s there, you can do your best to work your magic. Believe me, I have tried going in with ‘agenda’ chat and found myself staring at a rainy kerb waiting for the bus home with a phone quieter than a post-apocalyptic library.

Cons: The main problem with asking at the end of your date is that it’s hard to say ‘no’ if you are face-to-face, so it might not give true reflection of what your date would say if you asked by phone or e-mail.

Pros: This option gives your date time to think, but doesn’t leave them waiting so long that they’ve already given up hope and started to justify why you wouldn’t make a perfect couple anyway.


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