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Settler colonialism is a global and transnational phenomenon, and as much a thing of the past as a thing of the present.

There is no such thing as neo-settler colonialism or post-settler colonialism because settler colonialism is a resilient formation that rarely ends.

Scott Fitzgerald) Profile Photo: Profile of his face looking out over the water, a greenish glow in the distance Location: 22 miles from NYC About Jay: I’m a go-getter, a self-made man. I like to throw big parties, the bigger the better, the more the merrier.

I may have nice clothes, nice cars, and 99 bottles of Dom, but deep down I’m just a sensitive, small-town guy.

I’m a dreamer, I don’t drink, and I treat girls right.

I’ve been burned by love before, though, so let’s take it slow.

Located in the middle of Europe, just south of Austria – we are visiting the Majerič farm on the Ptuj field, in the village of Moškanjci.

Are we able to harness the data and benefit from it? The story begins in Slovenia – the only country with “LOVE” in its name.

This company automatically renewed my membership after I had cancelled my subscription and refuse to refund the money in full. .it's made me feel like a councillor to be honest boo hoo had a hard life have u well so have we all but most of us have to much shame to make it the priority subject u get some think they better than u and don't answer most are not single and just having their cake and more cake and more cake I don't think they even mms any effort on the date I met some right despos I get constantly deleted for reporting scammers ....one date in a hundred wanted more I'm not perfect but I'm sure I haven't buggered up 100 and to top it off kids getting murdered by sick deranged mums ...

Theres many comments from people on the net about this including a chap who was on the free membership and then paid the crazy price but got nothing more in return. I don't understand why the safety of the public is less important than POF's financial gain?

I will write off the money I paid and consider it a hard lesson, but they should take this more seriously. I been on pof since 2008 I met in total about 100 women 38 manipulated the moment for a bunk up next day never heard again 27 women bragged about being raped at the bar ..9 kids kids in care destructive kids alcoholic mothers some asked me to move in and babysit I hadn't even met them it's full of slags who just want sex ...

“With all the information it is easy to see and understand how water travels through the soil after rainfall, how the temperature in the ground and air changes, how the sun affects evapotranspiration and how all this will affect work in the field.

All decisions – irrigation, spraying, harvesting; are based on the actual data on site, not some approximations from national weather stations far away from the field. He places great importance on monitoring micro locations, especially in such a geographically diverse country as Slovenia.


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