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Ceteris Parabus, always adjust CBO statistics before adjusting optimizer parms.For more details on optimizer parameters, see my latest book " desc dba_tab_modifications; Name Type -------------------------------- TABLE_OWNER VARCHAR2(30) TABLE_NAME VARCHAR2(30) PARTITION_NAME VARCHAR2(30) SUBPARTITION_NAME VARCHAR2(30) INSERTS NUMBER UPDATES NUMBER DELETES NUMBER TIMESTAMP DATE TRUNCATED VARCHAR2(3) The better the quality of the statistics, the better the job that the CBO will do when determining your execution plans.

I am trying to get the first record from the list return by listagg().In Oracle it is possible to alter an existing Oracle sequence.To accomplish this you can use the Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE command.I recommend that before executing the Oracle ALTER SEQUENCE command, sequence caching should be turned off to avoid problems: ALTER SEQUENCE seq_cache NOCACHE;.ALTER SEQUENCE seq_cache INCREMENT BY xx In RAC, sequence enqueue delays are shown in the eq_type column of the gv$enqueue_stat view.Unfortunately, doing a complete analysis on a large database could take days, and most shops must sample your database to get CBO statistics.


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