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The signs look like the classic "Quiet" paddles people will hold up before a golfer hits his shot. Men are looking for sex, unfortunately, with younger women and boys also.

But they have a much deeper meaning saying, "Don't Keep Quiet about sex trafficking." They hope it helps other people know it could happen here."They travel for fun," Metcalf said. But what is actually happening is they're taking that opportunity that should be for a positive reason and they're using it to purchase human beings.""What's talked about is the Super Bowl and how sex trafficking increases at the Super Bowl," said Jarrett Puckett, Executive Director of Exploit No More. Where you have an influx of guys, you're going to see an increase in sex trafficking."Puckett says the average person purchasing sex is middle-aged, Caucasian and mid to upper-class.

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Open at Erin Hills has many golf fans in the area excited for the event, however, an advocacy group says big sporting events like this also bring the dark practice of sex trafficking."Whenever there are major sporting events or just huge events that bring people from other states, they come with a pocket full of money, they get their hotel rooms, they're looking for a party," said Rosalind Metcalf.

She is a survivor of the sex trafficking industry and says large sporting events bring an increase in child sex trafficking.


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