Updating eee pc 701

At 225 by 35 by 165mm, it's about the size of a hardback book, and weighs 920g.Its petite dimensions give it a toy-like appearance, but this is countervailed by the pearl-white finish, which gives it a touch of sophistication.The three 'e's represent Asus' vision of it being "easy to learn, easy to work, easy to play".The Eee PC is also available from other vendors including RM, where it's known as the RM Asus mini Book.

The operating system was a custom version of Linux called Xandros and came in a tabbed interface which I switched to a full desktop mode (KDE) installation option.It’s not exactly a speed demon, but it’s significantly faster than the processor that came with the Eee PC 701.For the most part, laptop processors aren’t meant to be upgraded and using a hot air gun like this could cause some serious damage. But it’s nice to see someone breathing new life into the first netbook.Ultimately, the Eee PC looks equally at home on the catwalk or in a child's playpen -- it is what you make of it.Because it's so small, some sacrifices have been made.Those models don’t have the built in camera, so they have an unused internal USB port.


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