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search the web after XML XSD validation you will find a tons of code, tools.But I thought it is a great opportunity to provide our customers a free, self developed mini-application they can use.The complete code listing for the Java-based XML validation tool discussed in this post is included at the end of the post. Validator is obtained from the /** * Validate provided XML against the provided XSD schema files.The most significant lines of code from that application when discussing validation of XML against one or more XSDs is shown next. Schema Schema(Source[]) (where the array of transform. * * @param xml File Path And Name Path/name of XML file to be validated; * should not be null or empty. SAXException; public class XMLValidator The error message was attempting to tell you that the "minus" character, e.g. is a reserved character in regular expressions, apparently. What is the best way to validate XML files against XML Schema 1.1 in Java? Issue We are creating the XML using expression and hard coding the tags of XML. So that we need to validate after generating the XML with client provided new XSD. Version Informatica 8.6 incompatibility We don’t have user friendly validation option except session level validate property against XSD. • Schema Class ο This object represents a set of constraints that can be checked/ enforced against an XML document.Version Informatica 9.1 compatibility We have XML parser transformation with validate option on XML tags and able to send the errors in separate pipe line. Two kinds of validators can be created from a Schema object.

These include operating system scripts and tools such as xmllint, XML editors and IDEs, and even online validators.

I took the code from this tutorial and changed the line where it looks up the factory to use XML Schema 1.1 as I have seen in this code example from the Xerces FAQ.

Property 'net/feature/xsd-version' is not recognized.

Illegal Argument Exception: No Schema Factory that implements the schema language specified by: could be loaded at validation. XSDValidator.validate File( Seems like I failed to configure/install Xerces correctly.

Please help me get this working, the XML files force me to use the schema in 1.1, I got a normal validator for 1.0 running but I have huge problems with this.


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